Paradox speakers

Below, Paradox Purpleheart 2 loudspeakers, 15 years old. If this speaker was rebuilt today with billet front baffle internal steel damping and new x-over's it would be as good as anything from the big boys in the market place. The problem with rebuilding it is, that's the same effort as a new product thus it will remain as is which is very good just not what it could be. Update, drivers modified, cabinet enhanced, x-over re-done, wire changed, speaker is superb the only thing else would be to have the 1" thick faceplate replaced by 1" thick aluminum. $2500-pr.
 The speaker boxes above the Purpleheart 2 are current but also defunct as it was a foray into budget products. Gloss black 2 way.
Modified Vifa XT25TG30-04 1: DUAL ring radiator tweeter and modified Silver Flute W14 RC25 4 ohm 36 pounds each. By the time you get done with all the modifications to over the counter parts there are 20 hours of labor in each pair besides parts, now how is that budget! $1k per pair.

Some will live again!

The picture above has the Paradox Blackhearts and integral stands in front of the Paradox LP-240. The speakers on the floor and to the sides are the original prototypes for the Blackheart.
The prototypes used a polymer and sand combination in their casting procedures while the finished Blackheart used a polymer and rock (limestone) to make the enclosure out of. The integrated stand is made out of 6" square steel tubing 1/4" thick 24" tall. The bottom plate is 3/8" 12"x12" plate steel. The tubing was joined to the bottom plate by welding it on the inside, the complete circumference of the tube. Various damping materials and a product called TF1 lined the inside and then a precise amount (down to a quarter of an ounce) of wool batting is layered into the tube.
With an automotive paint finish and integrated stand the Blackheart was used as a successful satellite that used no x-over to roll the bottom keeping it extremely phase coherent and dynamic.
The LP-240, Line Point source -240 square inches of radiating surface, was another outstanding satellite made 30 years ago. This speaker is going to get its magnets replaced as the years have been unkind and the efficiency is way down. The new N45 magnets will give it more efficiency then it had to begin with. Billet material will replace the old Walnut side stands and other billet damping side panels will compliment the satellite along with new grills. The vintage Paradox LP-240 will live again.

Paradox Peruser/Probe

The Paradox line of amplifiers go back 20+ years to1992, starting with the Paradox Probe. I do not have any of the Probe amplifiers in my possession so no pictures are available. There were 4 stereo Probe's made and sold of the earliest versions. When I changed the chassis and started building only mono's that is when the Peruser came into existence. The wood end caps go back to 2002. The longer version with metal end caps, 2007, represent a turn to the current Pulse amplifier. Although Paradox may be new to you we have been around a long time.

The Absolute Sound has even reviewed Paradox!

The first Purpleheart loudspeaker and the Paradox modified (Solovox, S, and SV mods) JVC 1050 CD player have both been talked about in the pages of TAS. It is hard to get a review as a little guy. Harry rest in peace