Platter Stacking

Platter stacking instructions

The spindle for stacking will not touch the lower (bearing spindle) spindle after the top platter is centered.
The stacking (top spindle you got from me) spindle is only there to center the top platter and give a spindle for the record and record clamps.
So to the instructions.

Insert stacking spindle (through the bottom) into top platter and pull through so it won't fall out while setting the top platter in place.
Once the upper platter is installed (as best to centered as you can) push the stacking spindle down onto the lower spindle this will move the upper platter into the center of the lower platter.
Now that the platters are centered to each other you do NOT want the stacking spindle to touch the lower spindle so pull it back up tightly into the upper platter hole but do not lift the upper platter as it is centered.

If the spindles touch the lower spindles noise, from the bearing and motor, will travel through to the stacking spindle.
By separating the spindles this prevents motor and bearing noise from reaching the top platter.
I like to use a Soundeck SDS 295mm mat between the stacked platters to remove any trace of noise from the lower platter, then I use a suede/suede cow leather mat for the record interface. I do not know of a better combination of platters and mats to get the most natural realistic sound from your records.
The stacking process isolates and adds mass to the inertia of the platter.