Pulse Guard

I welcome pictures from customers and this is a good place to put some of them as any. I am just trying to show the colors and texture of the different colors I have.
I will add some more Satin colors on the next batch but I have to do a couple of hundred at a time to make them cost effective as the bodies them selves and each color adds to the total cost.

The Colors

My photo skills are amoung the worst there is so if you can grasp what these cartridges and bodies look like then at least I did my job.
  1. Burgundy Guard
    Burgundy Guard
    It is very hard to capture the color of the Burgundy because the bodies were sand blasted prior to anodizing which leaves a satin finish. The satin finish is very understated but looks more exotic than the standard anodizing.
  2. Burgandy in action
    Burgandy in action
    This is a happy customer that went with a Burgundy Pulse Guard R SMR.
  3. Burgundy on white
    Burgundy on white
    One of my best pictures capturing the color and texture.
  4. Satin Gold
    Satin Gold
    The satin is the same gold anodizing as the original gold, but I am out of those right now and it will still be a while before a re-order, sorry if that was the color you wanted.
  5. Satin vs standard gold
    Satin vs standard gold
    This is all the colors I currently have, left to right clear, blue, satin gold, gold, dark red, satin burgundy, red, green and black. All are a hard anodized finish.
  6. Satin gold
    Satin gold
    Pulse Guard R SMR.
  7. Satin vs standard
    Satin vs standard
    The standard finish is hard anodizing after machine work is done. Satin finish is machine work then sandblast then hard anodizing.
  8. Standard colors
    Standard colors
    These are the standard colors and all of these cartridges went to the same person! I hope he gets one or two re-tipped. Picture is to dark but shows the sheen.
  9. Blue
    Blue Pulse R SMR
  10. Blue R ALC
    Blue R ALC
    This is a customer's picture but it is better than mine so I use it! The ALC is a re-tip from Andy stands for Aluminum cantilever Line Contact diamond.
  11. Colors
    The cartridges in the back row already have the perimeter lead installed, what a pain in the butt. Blue, satin gold, black, red, burgundy and clear.
  12. Clear and Red
    Clear and Red
    The clear finish is just that a hard anodizing on the machined body. I will do some in satin for the next batch and some black satin also. The A100 and 103 in the front row both have Soundsmith Ruby cantilevers.
  13. Clear Pulse Guard R SMR
    Clear Pulse Guard R SMR
    Customers photo of his turntable Cardas Clear wire modified Abis SA1.2 and clear Pulse Guard cartridge with my custom brass screws.
  14. Red Pulse Guard
    Red Pulse Guard
    Customers picture of his table arm and cartridge, looks very nice.