Pricing Specials

Typically this area will have various products. Discontinued products mostly because something better came along. They still have incredible performance just not what the latest version is.
Usually the price listed is the bottom line but I will consider reasonable offers!

  1. Brand new Benz Micro LP-S. I can get Benz Micro products at a 25% discount if you are willing to wait a few weeks. I do not stock their cartridges (I may stock very specific models in the future) but am authorized to sell them. The LP-S is one of very few cartridges that will noticeably out perform the Paradox Pulse R SMR cartridge and is in fact the cartridge I use now in the reference system.
    US $4500.00
  2. This is the last generation Paradox Pulse MM phono. 40db of total gain from 2 matched pairs of 2SK170 Jfet's, 0.1% matched parts and Audio Note Tantalum resistors in signal path for the PASSIVE RIAA equalization, PIO K40Y-9 coupling capacitors. Regulated PI filtered power supply with Mundorf MLytic power supply capacitors, external loading with any value through the external RCA's and much more. I only have a one and yes our MONEY BACK guarantee (less shipping) applies. This sale price is just to get my parts investment out.
    US $1000.00
  3. Best price for a Paradox Pulse Guard R. I have a package deal of $200- for a Guard body (your choice of color), potting service, 50 hour break in and return priority USPS shipping signature required (USA only shipping to other countries add $30- additional shipping). All you need is a brand new Denon 103R or 103 and it gets better. Do you want to save even more money? You must pay in advance but I will or order the least expensive Denon 103R or 103 I can find on Ebay so you don't have the expense of shipping to me! Right now there is a guy in Hong Kong that sells a new 103R for $280- (ok $279.99 that means I will make an extra penny) that means send me $480- (Must be Paypal friends and family to avoid FEES) and I will order the cartridge. When it arrives build you your own Pulse Guard R and ship it to you. Yes there is a wait time as the process starts once I receive your money. Also do NOT expect matched channel cartridges, you get what ever shows up. To recap use my Paypal ([email protected]) and send me $480- via Friends and Family to avoid FEES, leave a note with the Color you would like your cartridge to be and wait a couple of weeks for one of the best cartridges there is on the planet. If you choose I can ship it to Andy at; for the SMR, Sapphire cantilever with Micro Ridge diamond, $450- last time I checked. Good luck out performing the Pulse Guard R SMR without spending at least $6k! Cheers
    US $480-
  4. Title
    First generation Paradox Pulse phono. 70 db of total gain all jfet passive design with infinite external loading. If you want an external switch to separate the MM from the MC gain stage there will be an additional $500- charge.