1. Pulse Guard body and potting service $179-
    Pulse Guard body and potting service $179-
    You can have your Denon cartridge turned into a Pulse Guard by simply shipping your cartridge to me, selecting color, enclosing payment for $179- and waiting for it to arrive USPS priority signature required a few days later. Use $35 shipping for Foreign countries. If you would like the body only, your choice of color, to build yourself you can order them with the vertical holes already completed for $119- shipped to your door. My usual turn around (excludes weekend/ holidays) is 2-3 days. You can't beat it with a stick! Out of country shipping add USPS priority small box $30-.
  2. Paradox Pioneer PLX 1000
    Paradox Pioneer PLX 1000
    Completely modified Pioneer DJ turntable. Not modded for DJ's mind you but for music lovers! Special motor, chassis, and arm damping. MU metal shielding, complete rewire of tonearm (Cardas Clear phono wire, nothing better period) along with new head shell and wire. Custom machined inner back panel fits new Vampire copper RCA's with direct gold plate. Power supply capacitor (faster and larger) up grades, chassis and motor damping, SDS mat glued to platter, Suede/Suede leather turntable mat and a new Pulse R cartridge, perfectly set up and adjusted for instant gratification. Just unpack, level (the Pioneer has adjustable feet), attach headshell with cartridge already installed attach power cord and favorite/Paradox interconnects to your phono. DONE! $3,200- ($600- less without cartridge) If you have read about how great these turntables are for music then wait until you hear this one you won't ever look at any mid priced or any other budget turntable again! Great combination price and beats up on combo's costing more than twice the price.
  3. Custom turntable
    Custom turntable
    Idler based turntable with 16 pounds of platter, leather platter (suede, suede) mats and the Abis SA 1.2 tonearm re-wired with Cardas Clear. What a combination with the Pulse R Sapphire cantilever Micro Ridge (SMR) diamond cartridge $8k-. If you would like to purchase something just send me an email of what you would like (or call) and I will send a Paypal invoice through your email.
  4. Pulse Guard phono cartridges
    Pulse Guard phono cartridges
    Using a very special body and motor loaded with lead both inside and the perimeter the Pulse moving coil cartridge is unique to all others. There are two different Denon motors to choose from. The R which has lower mass (output typically 0.3mv) and high purity copper 6n winding's. The 3 which has more output (typically around 0.4mv) and 4n copper wire. Both cartridges offer the performance of mega expensive MC cartridges (I prefer the R) just without the price tag. Guard body $119-, potting ($60-) and break in service ($40-) are also available for your cartridge. A complete matched channel and ready to play Pulse R or Pulse 3. I also have versions with new cantilevers made of Boron or Sapphire with nude line contact diamonds or micro ridge diamond. Notice the DIY cartridge bodies in the back row are no longer available and the custom made brass screws $25- per pair with purchase of body or cartridge. http://theaudiotraveler.com/2015/06/30/newport-2015-perla-audio/
  5. Pulse USB DAC
    Pulse USB DAC
    The Pulse USB DAC is a digital breath of fresh air. Simple to use and incredible sound. $4k-. This USB DAC will outperform any other CD DAC at any price period or your money back. Full pictures to come. All chassis are the same other than the back panel. 17"Lx6"Wx4.5"H, center section is 4"x4".
  6. Coming soon Paradox  volume control!
    Coming soon Paradox volume control!
    Available soon, this is NOT your normal preamp. It will ONLY work with Pulse mono amplifier as a means of varying the gain of the Paradox Pulse amplifier. It will not have switching (custom version can have up to 4 inputs add $2k-) ability as that is too big of a sonic compromise. $2k-.
  7. Paradox Pulse Interconnects and Speaker Wire
    Paradox Pulse Interconnects and Speaker Wire
    The Pulse cabling products set new standards in what cables should sound like or should I say NOT sound like. More to come but these cables are proprietary and there is nothing else like them period. We use special damping and shielding to get the finished results. Pulse Interconnects 3 feet pair $1k-. Pulse interconnects +/- $250 per foot. Red Speaker wire 8 feet pair $4k-. Red speaker wire +/- $400- per foot. Pulse power cord 5 feet $800- +/- $100- per foot.
  8. Ruby in red and a DIY in blue
    Ruby in red and a DIY in blue
    Ruby cantilever courtesy of Soundsmith. The blue is a customers cartridge potted in our Do It Yourself body no longer available. Pulse R in red always a nice choice.
  9. Pulse R's
    Pulse R's
    Blue DIY (DIY no longer available) body, Pulse Guard R with ruby cantilever, Pulse Guard R. There are some very happy customers out there.
  10. Pulse makes you happy
    Pulse makes you happy
    Pulse DIY (DIY no longer available) R in gold, Pulse Guard 3 with ruby cantilever (my personal cartridge), Pulse Guard A-100. Any of them are a great choice. DIY cartridge body in your choice of color is only $60- I offer potting service for that body for only $60-. This includes 20 pieces of lead shot encapsulated in with the Denon motor.
  11. De-bodied and shaved
    De-bodied and shaved
    This is how I nude a Denon in prep for the DIY body mounting. I add 20 pieces of lead 14 in the front and 3 on each side in the back. I like to fill the epoxy to the top of the pins in the back. Total weight ~16 grams. This picture is for display as you can see the cantilever is broke and wires to pins are broke. I remove even more of the plastic from the Denon motor for the Pulse Guard and it gets 40 pieces of lead!
  12. A Pulse for me and my friends
    A Pulse for me and my friends
    Pulse DIY (DIY no longer available) in gold, Pulse Guard 3 with ruby cantilever, Pulse Guard A-100 note the clear back where the pins come out. Sapphire cantilever with Micro Ridge diamond (SMR) adds $450- to cartridge cost.
  13. Stand the Pulse amp up on it's end
    Stand the Pulse amp up on it's end
    You can use the amplifier as a bridge between equipment rack and speakers. Due to the entire chassis being the heat sink directionality of the chassis is not important. Standing them on their face makes all connectors very assessable.
  14. Pulse's Guts
    Pulse's Guts
    The Pulse amplifier comes in clear or black anodizing. This is just most of the power supply assembly. Quad Schottky diodes, paralleled transformers, 12ga copper foil Pi filtering in both A/C and D/C portion of power supply are just some of the highlights. Completely hand assembled for near perfection. With 100 watts on tap the fun never stops.
  15. Introducing the Paradox Phono 70
    Introducing the Paradox Phono 70
    Phono 70, Phono 40 RIAA, Phono 30 (30dB of JFET ultra quite gain). These are the newest analog products from Paradox. The 40 RIAA is just that 40dB of passive RIAA ultra quite ultra precise gain. The 30 is just straight gain and has infinite loading ability. The Phono 70 is both of those products combined (actually the other products are the Phono 70 without the other sections installed) giving the end user 70dB of ultra quite ultra precise gain to run any MC cartridge to it's fullest potential.
  16. Universal Pulse Body for Shure SC35C and others
    Universal Pulse Body for Shure SC35C and others
    Pulse body, machined unfinished surface, for the Shure SC35C MM cartridge. This will allow you to modify this and many other cartridges. A universal fit that allows it to work with any cartridge you can mount to it. Price $40- each plus $3- shipping (USA only additional $12- shipping out of country) with SS 3-56 threaded screws. Cheers I will pot your cartridge for additional $30-.
  17. Pulse @ www.capitalaudiofest.com
    Pulse @ www.capitalaudiofest.com
    Room 404 with www.gtaudioworks.com Check out the awards and great comments in the Testimonials/Awards section.
  18. PLX 1000
    PLX 1000
    A few of the parts like Cardas Clear phono wire, leaded Pioneer weight, Rubycon capacitors replacements, MU metal shielding, lead tape used all over inside and out. Just some of what goes inside. Leather mats complete the platter.
  19. My first Lenco!
    My first Lenco!
    Not exactly stock, plinth weighs 75 pounds, dual platters, motor moded, idler drive moded, main bearing replaced with large brass body and dual nitrated ceramic balls end to end, lots of lead damping even the mounting pads where the table screws to the plinth has 1/8" lead sheet pads, the RB 300 arm is also highly moded, new wire, weights, and adjustable base. Total weight about 100 pounds! It is available with Pulse R Boron or Sapphire cartridge, $5k-.
  20. PLX 1000
    PLX 1000
    The back portion, it is what's inside that is so special. The wire in the front of the tone arm terminates to these solid copper with direct gold plate Vampire connectors. I had to show you the billet aluminum piece that goes inside as you can't see it in the end. If you would like to modify your Pioneer yourself and would like to buy this block, rca's, and hard where $300- now you can DIY!