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Single Ended
  Quick lesson in single ended, when using a speaker wire the negative is NOT negative it is ZERO, "O", GROUND, STAR GROUND, etc... This means the actual signal swings both positive and negative, on the positive binding post alone. The negative post is the "O" reference point for an amplifier. For an RCA same thing, the center pin sees positive and negative with reference to "O" which is the outside of the RCA. This is also how YOUR amplifier works and the reason my speaker wire uses a 4 ga. marine copper conductor of many strands for the negative conductor, as this is the ground/"O" path of the amp which terminates at the NEGATIVE binding post, any amount of resistance makes poorer leaner sound. We would use heavier gauge for my "O" but it is just not practical in most cases. The positive/negative signal on the other hand is extremely important to sound quality as both neg. and pos. transistors or FET's or tubes terminate to that single post labeled POSITIVE.​​
More to come.