Paradox Speakers started over 35 years ago with a planer magnetic speaker and later exhibiting at a Chicago CES.
Some of our vintage speakers can be seen on the Vintage Products page on this site.
More information to come and some refurbishing too! Note the fully cast satellite only Blackhearts in front of the planners.

Since then we have made several different types of speakers for discerning customers.
Over time Paradox Speakers became Paradox Enterprise as speakers are not the only thing we build.

Paradox Enterprise starts a new chapter with the Pulse line of electronics.

The Pulse mono amplifier, Pulse MM/MC phono amps, Pulse USB DAC, Red speaker wire and interconnects, and the new Pulse 3 and Pulse R moving coil cartridges along with the Pulse DIY cartridge body will get you closer to the musical event then ever before.

With these new products, and new planers on the horizon, I can build you audio components that will supply a life time of musical enjoyment.

Terence Robinson
*I offer a complete money back guarantee less shipping and any damage caused by the user. If the unit is returned in the same condition as when it left (no damage to include but not limited to dents, scratches, mars, nicks, broken product, etc..) all monies less shipping will be returned.

I have had people actually cut off the end of my speaker wire and then return it for full refund!
This will not happen as there will be a fee to make product whole again, then refund remainder of funds.

                                                                                         *WARRANTY INFORMATION *
WARRANTY TO THE ORIGINAL PURCHASER: Warranties herein are for the sole benefit of the original
purchaser and shall not be transferred. Pulse products are hand assembled and designed with the highest
quality parts. In the unlikely event that there should be failure or malfunction contact Paradox Pulse.

Paradox Pulse (760-245-8435) warrants its products for (2) years from the date of purchase to be
free of manufacturing defects and workmanship. The warranty will be void if the product has been misused or
damaged. If the product has been tampered with or any service attempted by anyone other than an authorized Paradox Pulse representative, this will also result in a voided warranty.

Terence Robinson