Pricing Specials

Typically this area will have various products. Discontinued products mostly because something better came along. They still have incredible performance just not what the latest version is.
Usually the price listed is the bottom line but I will consider reasonable offers!

  1. Black Paradox Pulse R Boron cantilever Line Contact diamond. Yes this is the same picture as above but this is for the Pulse R mentioned from the shoot out. This Pulse R BLC (Boron Line Contact) has 20- hours on it as it got a little more play being the winner and was briefly my personal cartridge until the Sapphire cantilever with Micro Ridge diamond (SMR) came out from Andy. This picture is not the actual cartridge.
    US $750-
  2. This is the last generation Paradox Pulse phono. 70db of total gain from 3 matched pairs of 2SK170 Jfet's, 0.1% matched parts and Audio Note Tantalum resistors in signal path for the PASSIVE RIAA equalization, PIO (the Russian version of the famous Vitamin Q capacitor) coupling capacitors, Bybee regulated PI filtered power supply with Mundorf MLytic power supply capacitors, external loading with any value through the external RCA's and much more. I only have a few and yes our MONEY BACK guarantee (less shipping) applies. Once you hear this you will sell your $10k tube phono! This sale price is just to get my parts investment out of them.
    US $2k-
  3. Very modified Pioneer PLX 1000. Cardas Clear phono re-wire of tonearm all the way to the custom billet piece that holds the Vampire RCA's, power supply modifications, chassis and motor damping, Sound Damped Steel (SDS) attached platter mat, suede/suede mat for record interface, Ortofon SH-4 headshell with Cardas Clear headshell wires and a Paradox Pulse R cartridge to complete the package.
    US $3k-
  4. Title
    First generation Paradox Pulse phono. 70 db of total gain all jfet passive design with infinite external loading. If you want an external switch to separate the MM from the MC gain stage there will be an additional $500- charge.
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