Paradox Phono 70

I would like to introduce the "Paradox Phono 70"

This is 70 db of passive RIAA gain which will be enough for most any MC cartridge you want to use and it will certainly work for the Paradox Pulse R SMR at about 0.3mv.

Key features
-External power supply
-external loading via RCA
-Jfet low noise amplification
-Passive RIAA with only 1 tantalum resistor in the signal path along with 3 jfet's and 3 coupling capacitors
-70 decibels of low noise gain
-All components are matched from the LSK170 jfet's through RIAA critical components
-Cardas phono wire used for all signal and power supply paths
-Ultra high quality parts used throughout like Mundorf 10kuf M-Lytic one per channel
-No crappy switches to degrade the signal path
-Comes with 5 pairs of loads 100, 220, 330, 470, 680 ohms, additional loads upon request.

Like my Pulse products the Phono 70 has a money back guarantee less any shipping (both to and from)  along with potential refurbishing costs for those that like to "kick" it around! If it returns in the same condition I sent it to you, all monies are refunded less shipping.  $2500- simply amazing.

Special introductory price $1850-