Pulse Mono

Meet the Paradox Pulse Amplifier. See review from Audiophilia by clicking on text below or pictures and going to the link.

Mono, solid state, A/B power operation, uniquely designed and hand assembled using the finest parts available.
Hard wired for sonic purity and reliability.
The Pulse mono's relevant specifications are;
Input impedance 100k ohm, overall gain 27dB
Power consumption 5 watts, they are meant to be left on always
Buffered output for subwoofer or daisy chaining 
17"L x 6"W x 4.5"H center section 4"x4", ~16 pounds each
Max power 100 watts
Specifications can easily be manipulated and do not indicate the sound quality or parts quality (these two items are one in the same) so as a rule are meaningless.
My saying is "specifications are not worth the paper they are written on" and these specifications are for others that request souch things.

Meaningful information about the Pulse amplifier is as follows.

No switches or relays of any type as they all impede performance (this means any device with them WILL  NOT sound as good as it could have otherwise) and are only for convience functions.
Chassis is used as the heat sink so overheating the amplifier is impossible under normal operating conditions if used indoors in a comfortable room.
We have never tried to put them in the sun outside (I live in the desert where temperatures in the 100+ degrees are common in summer) and blast music to their clipping point so I do not know what would happen under those conditions although I believe they would be just fine.
Parallel transformers to lower overall impedance. This lowering of impedance is very important to bass and the dynamics within the bass line. Most just use large transformers which is fine if you want nothing special but single large transformers will never lower impedance to the A/C and provide the quick response for dynamics that most wish their amplifier would deliver.  Quad Schottky diode rectifiers per mono, which means there is a total of 16 diodes to make the bridge rectifier droping the impedance significantly. Again droping impedance to the A/C another reason why there no amplifiers better at bass, speed and detail than a Pulse.
Plug the Pulse mono straight into wall outlet as they have there own filtering and surge supression. Using two gas discharge tubes for surge protection and 12 gauge copper foil inductors along with MKP capacitors to remove hash noise via the AC PI filtering.
Mundorf M-Lytic capacitors (4 total) and Mundorf 12 gauge copper foil inductors make up the DC PI filtering for removing further noise from the DC power supply along with very special bypass capacitors. When I say very special I mean secrets that no others have. I hate secrets but I do not want companies like Soulutions to ever be able to catch up!
Output Devices 4281 and 4302. "O" wire 8 gauge copper. 

More to come!

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