I will have several, 5 to be exact of my first generation phono's for sale at unbelivable prices, $2k-, these are the same phono you see listed for $6k- on my site. I am just selling them for their parts money. The next generation phono is also here but is $8k-.

See Guard body, break in and potting service special $200-
Paradox introduces the new Pulse line of electronics and cartridges.

I am told regularly that the Pulse cartridge is to heavy for my tone arm.
All you need is a heavier counter weight for that tone arm.
All tone arms can handle this cartridge easily.
Go to the Denon How To and scroll down to Is the Pulse cartridge to heavy?
All Pulse products are hand made one at a time. Ask about direct electronic sales saving you thousands. Remember my money back guarantee less shipping.
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  1. Paradox Pulse mono in clear anodizing with White interconnects
    Paradox Pulse mono in clear anodizing with White interconnects
    Hand assembled with the finest parts available. Internally hard wired as connectors do not sound good. Minimalist approach solid state in A/B power configuration. 100 watts. Separate line level output to drive subwoofers. Only $6.5k each.
  2. Paradox Pulse MM or MC and new FET MC gain phono amps
    Paradox Pulse MM or MC and new FET MC gain phono amps
    MM phono stage. FET amplification, passive RIAA with 40db of gain. Provisions for loading via RCA female jacks, just plug in the male with the correct load. $5k-. MC has 30db more gain via FET amplification. $6k-. 30db FET only stage $2k-
  3. Custom Pulse turntables
    Custom Pulse turntables
    Idler drive turntable with dual platters. Birch plywood base is damped with 20 lbs. of lead shot and polymer liner. Polished SS mounting plates, bearings are nitrated ceramic stacked end to end in synthetic oil. Tone arm moded Abis SA-1.2. Pulse R Sapphire $8k-.
  4. Pulse 3 and R cartridge, BODY kit only $119- shipped
    Pulse 3 and R cartridge, BODY kit only $119- shipped
    Pulse cartridge use the Denon 103 and 103R motors. These motors are striped away of their plastic (except the rear piece with pins) and damped with lead, both internally and T-6 body, then encapsulated with a rigid electronic epoxy.
  5. Paradox Pulse USB DAC
    Paradox Pulse USB DAC
    The Pulse USB DAC explores digital as a unique medium that stands unequaled for digital musical enjoyment. $3k- money back guarantee (as with all Paradox electronics less shipping) that it is the best CD digital you have ever heard period.
  6. Abis SA1.2 tonearm rewired!
    Abis SA1.2 tonearm rewired!
    Abis SA1.2 rewired with Cardas Clear phono wire. Pulse R clear SMR cartridge. Mount to your turntable and find out what the ultra high end is all about. Cardas Clear phono wire, no better wire period for this job.
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The NEW Paradox Pulse Universal cartridge mounting body.
It is CNC T-6 aluminum made for the Shure SC35C cartridge, but you can use it for any cartridge that will fit in it or ON IT! The Threads are 3-56 and 2 stainless steel screws are provided with each body, $40- shipped.
The finish is left raw just as it came from the machine shop, this keeps your cost down and you can finish it any way you want or leave it RAW.

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